How to Maintain Your Landscape During Snowy Weather

When winter arrives, your landscape design might be covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. It can make everything look like a winter wonderland, but it can also cause some problems for your carefully planned landscape design. This simple guide will help you take care of your landscape design during the snowy season, so it stays healthy and looks good.

Maintain Your Landscape

Source: Landscape Design Toronto

Snow Removal

One of the first things you need to do during snowy weather is to get rid of the snow to maintain your landscape design. Too much snow can be bad for your plants, trees, and walkways, disrupting the harmony of your landscape design. Here are some easy ways to remove snow:

a. Shoveling: You can use a snow shovel to clear the snow from your driveway and walkways, ensuring that your landscape design remains accessible and visually appealing. It’s important to do this regularly, so the snow doesn’t get too heavy.

b. Snow Blowers: If you have a big area to clear, you might want to use a snow blower to protect the integrity of your landscape design. It can save you time and effort, especially when the snow is deep.

c. De-Icing: On your walkways and driveway, you can spread salt or another de-icing product, preserving the safety and aesthetics of your landscape design. This helps prevent ice from forming and makes it safer to walk on. Be careful not to use too much salt near your plants because it can harm them. Try to choose a salt that’s safe for pets and the environment.

Protecting Your Landscape Design’s Greenery

Landscape Design Toronto

Source: Landscape Design Toronto

Snow and freezing temperatures can hurt the plants and trees that are part of your landscape design. To keep them in line with your design and healthy, follow these steps:

a. Wrap Your Plants: Young or delicate plants that are crucial to your landscape design should be wrapped in burlap or special covers to protect them from heavy snow and frost.

b. Trim Dead Branches: Look for branches on your trees and shrubs that are dead or damaged. Cut them off to prevent them from breaking under the weight of snow and ice, maintaining the structure of your landscape design.

c. Use Tree Guards: If you have young trees that play a vital role in your landscape design, put tree guards around their bases. This helps protect them from snowplows and heavy snow, ensuring your landscape design remains intact.

d. Add Mulch: Spread a layer of mulch around the base of your plants to maintain the visual appeal of your landscape design. This helps keep the soil insulated and protects the roots from extreme cold.

Preventing Ice Dams and Preserving Your Landscape Design’s Roof

Ice dams can cause problems on your roof, like water damage and leaks, potentially harming the structural elements of your landscape design. Here’s how to stop them:

a. Insulate Your Attic: Make sure your attic is well-insulated to maintain the energy efficiency of your home and protect the overall design of your landscape. This keeps heat from escaping and melting the snow on your roof, which can then freeze at the edges, forming ice dams.

b. Install Roof Heat Cables: You can put roof heat cables along the edges of your roof to melt snow and ice. Just follow the instructions carefully to do this safely and preserve the integrity of your landscape design.

c. Clean Your Gutters: Keep your gutters free of leaves and debris so that melted snow can flow freely. This reduces the chance of ice dams forming, preventing potential damage to your landscape design elements.

Fun in the Snow While Maintaining Your Landscape Design

Snow isn’t just a problem; it’s also a lot of fun! Here are some simple ways to enjoy the snowy season while ensuring your landscape design stays intact:

a. Build Snow Sculptures: Get creative with your family and make snow sculptures or snowmen. It’s a fun way to appreciate the winter landscape while preserving the overall harmony of your landscape design.

b. Winter Lights: Put up some outdoor lights in your yard to brighten it up at night. This can make your yard and landscape design look even more magical in the winter.

Winter can be tough on your landscape design, but with these simple steps, you can take good care of it during the snowy season. Remember to clear the snow safely, protect your plants and trees, stop ice dams, and have some fun in the snow without compromising the beauty and functionality of your landscape design. Your landscape design will not only survive the winter but also look great, making it a lovely winter wonderland right outside your door.