Make your Leisure Time Special with Our Comfortable Mattresses

It is important to have a good night’s sleep when you a tired. Synwin is here to give you the best sleep. We are the top-notch manufacturers when it comes to mattresses. Synwin has been working non-stop since 2007 and we aim to work hard to give you a comfortable feel. It would be indecent if we only made one type of mattress which is why we manufacture tons of different styles of mattresses for you. We offer spring, roll-up, hotel, and other mattresses as well.


The team of Synwin is skillful and they know all the correct information to advise you on what mattress would suit you the best. We supply the best-customized mattress such as custom spring mattress for several different countries worldwide. We are quick to follow up with the trends due to our latest and efficient machinery. Therefore, we are always available to help you with your mattress problems and ensure you have a great experience.

Our great experience and staff

All of our mattresses no matter what type, are produced from quality material. Our spring mattresses will surely last you up for 10 years. No matter which mattress you pick from us, they will not have a slight decrease in their functionality. Hence, Synwin is one of the best spring mattress manufacturers. Our workshop is filled with the best machinery that ensures to give customers a comfortable feel. We not only make mattresses but, we test them out as well.

All of our products are made from standardized quality material and it guarantees to be a stable product for over 15 years as well. Synwin has been in the market for the longest time to know about how things functions and what customers want so that we can produce mattress exactly like those. The workers are skillful and have an experience of 30 years of in the manufacturing of mattresses. Hence, we offer sample mattresses as well which arrive within 7 days whereas, for bulk orders, it takes 25 days.

Get to know more about our mattresses

When it comes to the characteristics of our spring mattresses then it has 42 pocket spring machines. All of these produce a capacity of 60000pcs. Hence, through our experienced and skillful 700 workers and machinery, we are able to complete more than 100 mattresses which contain 60000pcs spring unites within a month. Therefore, we keep up with the best technology to ensure that the pocket springs of all of our mattresses are perfect and correct. All of our spring mattresses meet the QC standard which is 50%. This is a strict margin which is more than the average given to others.

Our mattresses are also certified for different tests and requirements such as the ISPA, CFR1632, CFR2633, EN591-2:2015, and EN591-1:2015. Moreover, we use high and advanced technology when it comes to making our mattresses and they go through the perfect inspection process. We do not let our mattresses reach anywhere until they are examined properly. Hence, they meet the testing as well as the law. We assure you that our mattresses are the best. They have a popular style and the prices are competitive.