4 Window Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

Why do you need a professional window cleaning service? It’s simple, because of their impeccable cleaning. If you want to try and achieve such results, you are in the right place.

Following, we are going to give a few tips that will help you out. These are a few cleaning secrets from industry professionals that will make a significant difference.

4 Window Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

Streaks Left Behind

This is a tip you can steal from Professional Window Cleaning. Get a window washing squeegee with rubber edge. You have to dry one inch strip at top or side of each window, and start cleaning there. Always start on dry glass if you want to avoid streaks.

Avoiding washing windows in direct sunlight as dried glass gets more streaks. The best time to wash or clean a window is evening, or cloudy days.

Dusty Blinds

If your blinds remain dusty all the time, then you need to use an antiseptic spray. It keeps the dusk from building up. Use the spray on window blinds after you have cleaned them. If dusk is an issue in other parts, then you may need a new cleaning strategy.

Mildew on Window Frame

If mildew is an issue with window frames, then you better get a bleach agent. Black or gray spots are asy to clean, you just need 2 ounce of bleach and 1 ounce of laundry detergent in quarter bucket of water.

Use a sponge to spread this mixture, and leave it there for at least ten minutes before rinsing and washing with water

Outside Windowsills

Use a single coat of floor wax on exterior walls As they collect a lot of dirt, you need to take swift option. The best way to protect them is using Wax. This protects the window sill, and makes the window frame last for longer.