3 Main Mistakes to Avoid When Styling a Kitchen with Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

If you want your cooking space to reflect your taste and style, there are some things you need to consider avoiding during the kitchen remodeling process. In this article, we explore 3 major mistakes worth avoiding when styling a kitchen with distressed cabinets.

Read on to know more about working with distressed kitchen cabinets.

distressed kitchen cabinets

Are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Easy to Work With?            

Of course not! Because their design is simple in terms of finishing and layout, distressed kitchen cabinets can match an array of kitchen interior designs, from old-school to modern fashion. Besides, their natural wood finishing options make them mixable with a variety of tones or shades, from traditional to contemporary undertones.

But to work perfectly with these drawers, you must always consider avoiding the following 5 mistakes.

#1: Making Kitchen Lighting a Minor Priority

Because distressed cabinets have a simplistic non-decorated appearance, you might easily dismiss the idea of incorporating them with decorative lighting fixtures, especially if you are highly attracted to traditional kitchens.

But with the absence of extra lighting fixtures, distressed cabinets can minimize the glamour of your cookhouse by making it seem less-trendier and old-like, thanks to their weathered wood finishes. Therefore, ignoring the incorporation of extra lighting fixtures is one mistake you should always try avoiding when styling a kitchen with distressed cabinets.

#2: Skipping Color Mixing

Regarding working with distressed kitchen cabinets, color mixing is arguably an inescapable process. Because of their traditional appeal, distressed cupboards need to be blended with colors for their outlook to be statement-making. Therefore, when remodeling a pantry with distressed cabinets, always consider working with colors, especially in terms of accentual features, kitchen hardware, and cabinet components and fixtures.

#3: Disregarding How You Want to Use Your Kitchen

Because of their finishing options, layout, and styling, distressed kitchen cabinets are all about functionality. Therefore, when styling a kitchen marked by these drawers, never forget to consider how you want to use your pantry unless you don’t want them to work in your favor. For example, depending on whether or not you want to use your kitchen more for storage than cooking, you choose to make distressed cabinets open or closed-shelved.

Final Thoughts

Do you want your kitchen to reflect your style courtesy of distressed cabinets? If yes, then you must never forget to make functionality and kitchen lighting your number one priority while working with distressed cabinets. Moreover, because of their weathered wood appeal, distressed kitchen cabinets need to be paired with colors for everything about and around them to stand out.