Top 7 Reasons To Get A Propane Burner

Are you on your way to buy a new stove? Well, you must be in a dilemma on whether to choose natural gas stove or an electric one or a propane burner. If you are looking for smart, versatile and cost-saving option, propane burners would be your go-to choice anyday. Propane-powered burners assure easy and fast cooking and also guarantee a greener planet. Moreover, they are easy to operate when you are out in the woods for your outdoor adventures. On this page is a detailed guide on how to go about buying your propane burner. The post below on this site lists down the myriad great advantages of cooking on propane burners. 


Easier control on temperature and heat

This is one of the most important points where propane burners score over electric ones hands down.

With an electric cooktop, you would have to wait for a while every time you would need a change in cooking temperature. Some dishes might need you to start cooking on low flame but would require high temperature in the final stage. You can’t change heat and temperature level instantly with an electric cooktop.

But it’s never a problem with a propane stove. The propane burners come with control knobs that let you increase or decrease heat and temperature levels in an instant, as per your specific cooking needs. If your stove comes with multiple burners you will get individual control knobs for each burner. This way, you will be able to cook two or multiple dishes with varying temperature levels simultaneously on one single propane cooktop. This advantage especially comes handy when you have a busy kitchen or you have to cook varying meals in a short time for, say, your outdoor party.

Even distribution of heat

The glowing flame on your propane stove works to distribute the heat evenly across your cooking pot or pan. This assures no risk of uncooked spots in your dish. Most importantly, even heat distribution ensures perfect cooking and delicious gourmet.

Faster cooking

Now, this is a crucial reason why smart homeowners and professional chefs always keep propane burners ahead of electric cooktops. 

As propane burners assure better control on heat and temperature levels, they help you to cook faster. An electric cooktop takes some time to heat up after you switch it on. Similarly, it takes time to cool down once it reaches a certain temperature. Thus, there is always this “wait time” with electric cooktop whenever you have to start cooking over an electric stove.

But, a propane burner is devoid of all these woes. It starts immediately once you ignite the burner and even goes down from high to low flame in an instant. Thus, you can always cook immediately on a propane burner which eventually assures faster cooking. 

Also, the propane burner’s ability to distribute heat more evenly is another major factor that can speed up the cooking process here. 

Cost-effective option

A propane burner is always more cost-effective compared to an electric cooktop. As mentioned previously, it can heat up immediately and unlike an electric counterpart, there is no wait time here. It always assures high energy-efficiency and good saving on fuel for the user. It takes around 10 to 30 percent less to run propane burners than electric stoves.


Propane burners are energy-efficient and hence assure an eco-friendly operation. In fact, they are always a better greener alternative compared to natural gas cooktops as well. Cooktops running on natural gas tend to emit harmful greenhouse gases. But, propane burners do not emit greenhouse gases. 

Works during power outage

An electric cooktop will stop working if there is a sudden power outage in your home. Imagine the disaster of facing a power outage in the middle of a bustling in-house party when an electric cooktop is your only medium of cooking! The whole party will come to a stall. 

But, there is no such issue with propane burners. These cooktops are not dependent on electric for operation. Hence they would continue to churn out all those amazing party treats to keep the party going even in the midst of power outage.

Great for outdoor trips

You can’t carry an electric cooktop in your camping trips or other such outdoor adventures. It’s simply because you won’t find an electrical outlet in the middle of the woods. But, propane burner doesn’t need an electrical outlet and hence would be great for your outdoor trips.