What You Should Know Before Scheduling Your Garage Door Installation

Getting ready for a new garage door installation takes some planning to make sure the process goes smoothly. Here are a few key things you need to know before contacting companies like Garage Door Replacement Smithfield to schedule the work.

Measure Your Opening

Take accurate measurements of the width and height of your existing garage door opening. Make sure to account for any obstructions above or on the sides. Providing these measurements to your installer will help them pick the right size door and prepare all the necessary materials in advance. It’s also a good idea to measure the thickness of your existing tracks and walls to ensure proper fit of the new tracks and hardware.

Determine Your Budget

Pricing can vary significantly depending on the size and material of the door, as well as any additional features you want included. Consider your budget to narrow down door options that fit within your means. High-end materials like wood or premium insulations tend to cost more, so keep costs in mind as you browse door styles. Some installers may also offer financing options if the total is more than anticipated.

Choose Your Door Style and Material

Browse the many style and material options to settle on a look you like. Fiberglass, steel and wood are popular choices that each have benefits. Steel, for example, is durable and affordable while fiberglass provides insulation value. Look through catalogs or online to find a style that enhances your home’s curb appeal. Think about factors like temperature insulation too if you live in an extreme climate.

Plan for Electrical Work

Many modern garage doors have electric openers, so be prepared for any wiring upgrades. An outlet may need to be added near the garage ceiling if one isn’t already present. The installer can evaluate if your existing circuit panel has enough capacity for a new opener motor as well. Having the electrical work wrapped up ahead of time avoids delays in the installation schedule.

Clear Your Garage Space

Before removing the old door, be sure to remove any stored items from the garage. This provides clear workspace and prevents anything from getting damaged during the work. Sweep out debris or dust that could get stirred up too. Professional door installers will remove the old tracks and door, but prepping the area makes their job faster and easier.

Schedule Installation and Be Home

Installations usually take 4-6 hours for a typical 1-2 car door. Make arrangements to have the necessary people – like yourself and electrician if upgrades are needed – on site during that window. Leaving accurate contact info with the installer is also advised in case they have any questions. Be prepared for some noise as tracks get installed and the new door rolled into place. Touch base with neighbors too if noise could be an issue during work hours.

Consider a Certified Pro for Bigger Jobs

More advanced jobs like replacing a large carriage-style door or situations where structure reinforcement may be needed are best left to true professionals like those at Garage Door Replacement Smithfield. If the process seems too complex, hiring a certified garage door technician ensures the work meets all building codes and safety standards. Doing bigger jobs yourself risks costly mistakes or accidents down the line.

With the right planning and preparation, your new garage door installation through a reputable company can go very smoothly. Just be sure to measure, budget, select, prep the area and coordinate schedules to remove headaches from the equation.