What Are Some Smart Devices You Can Install At Home

If there is one thing we’re thankful to technology for, it’s for the number of security options it has given to us. So many products have been designed to make our lives more connected, safe and make our homes accessible to us from miles away. With video calling applications such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, we are able to stay in touch with our loved ones and colleagues; something that was quite evident given the recent Covid-19 pandemic.


Technological advancements have even given us much more than just a boost in security. We can now easily and inexpensively automate our homes while simultaneously making them energy efficient too. We have the ability to control the lights in our homes from practically wherever we are, and some of the best smart home devices that we can install in our homes are Smart Thermostats, Smart Sprinklers, Smart garage-door openers, Smart Speakers and even Smart Video Doorbells.

Smart video doorbells for instance, like the Nest Hello video doorbell have upped the security game in an affordable way, to ensure you’re always aware of who is at your front door and what’s happening.

Here’s a detailed explanation of what you can expect from smart doorbells and smart sprinklers. These two aren’t exactly the kind of devices that would’ve occurred to us as ones that could feature smart technology. But they do now!

Smart Doorbells

Say hello to your new best friend- the Smart Doorbell. Smart doorbells come in two variants: battery-operated and wired ones which are super easy to install DIY style. They boast a sleek, small design that suits every home and come equipped with a camera and microphone to support two-way audio.

So what’s the difference between this device and a regular video intercom though? Smart doorbells have an HD camera quality that can detect and differentiate between vehicles, people, objects and animals, while also which allows it to record things more efficiently at night. And given that these devices work by connecting to the Wi-Fi network, if the home Wi-Fi gets disconnected due to a power outage, smart doorbells can still record the video feed to store into its internal memory.

This isn’t all however. The best part is that smart doorbells are accessible via mobile apps that are downloaded onto our smartphone, tablets and laptops. That means you can answer your door from wherever you are – standing in a grocery store aisle, while you’re at a red light, or even if you’re home. This makes your smart doorbell accessible at any time of the day, by just being a click away.

If you aren’t home, your device sends alerts in real-time to your devices, so you can check to see who’s there and talk to them too. It’s the best way to keep intruders at bay- because you can alert the police as soon as you sense any danger.

In the case that you are busy in a meeting, or at work, or any such situation arises where you cannot access the video, certain smart doorbells like the Nest Hello can record pre-recorded responses to play in your absence. Smart doorbells make life so much simpler, and makes it easy to step out for a run, for some errands or for work every day, without being worried that you’ll miss out on an important package or on what goes on while you’re away!

Smart Sprinklers

When talking about smart devices, let’s not forget about smart sprinklers! These sprinklers are controlled through their respective mobile applications that can be downloaded onto your phone and, can make life so much easier. They can be auto-scheduled to turn on and off at particular times of the day – so if you forget to turn on the sprinklers, no reason to worry! Just by scheduling a time, you not only save your time but are able to cut back on water wastage as well.

Smart sprinklers come with technology that features weather awareness. They can access weather forecasts of nearby stations and adjust their activities according to that. In the case that there is a rain forecast, they monitor the weather and if it starts to rain on a day they are scheduled to water the yard, they would automatically turn off. This saves so much water and contributes to your green footprint on this planet. Similarly, Smart sprinklers are also aware of when the weather is drier, and the lawn and grass may need more watering, thus they commit to adjusting themselves according to the weather forecast.

To some level, we did anticipate devices like smart thermostats or smart lights in our future, but now that the future is here, there are plenty more categories of Smart Home devices for us to make use of. Smart Doorbells and Smart Sprinklers might be the two essential smart devices you never knew you needed, until now!

So what’s stopping you from getting your hands on these? Head on over to First Energy Home’s website www.firstenergyhome.com and go through their extensive catalog of Smart Home devices. You’ll find that there are so many devices that you probably weren’t even aware of. Inexpensive and affordable, ideal for making your home that smart, automated, and energy-efficient home right out of this century.